Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes - Kevin Owen

I have just baked these Reindeer cupcakes for a family Christmas party, although some of my family thought they we're cows, dogs & bears they went down a treat!  They may look difficult but really they couldn't be easier.
Below is a simple step by step guide if you fancy re-creating these cupcakes at home!
 Let me know if you give these Reindeer cupcakes a try! #BakingWithKevin

First you will need to bake some cupcakes, don't worry I've got you covered simply follow this recipe to make some easy chocolate cupcakes or watch the Youtube video I made a few months ago! 

Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled start by covering the top with some buttercream (recipe here)
 Once the top of the cupcakes is generously covered in buttercream, pop on 2 pretzels just like I have below - give them a good push down to keep them in place
Pop a little of your buttercream in the centre of an Amaretti biscuit then simply place an M&M on top. I used a red M&M for rudolph
 Using some eyes I bought from Amazon, simply place 2 eyes just above the biscuit - press the eyes down to keep in place!
And there you go as easy as that!
If you bake these at home please let me know how they turn out by using #BakingWithKevin on instagram and twitter!
Merry Christmas!


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